This Week At HDSMS: 09-28

HDSMS MainHappy Sunday! Hopefully everyone had a great weekend. Looking forward to seeing you out at our community BBQ/Meet The Teacher tomorrow night. Here is the rest of what’s going on This Week At HDSMS: September 28th

Information To Share

Meet the Teacher Night / Community BBQ: This year we will be holding our meet the teacher night as a community BBQ on Monday September 28th from 5:30 – 7:30. We will be cooking up hot dogs for our parents and staff so you can come and meet all the adults working with your children in a more relaxed atmosphere. 

Grade 8 Camp: We are excited to be sending our grade 8 students to Kawakawa Lake for their leadership, team building camp. It is the largest group in the history of HD Stafford Middle. We look forward to hearing about all the adventures when the students return.

PAC Website: On our HD Stafford Middle website, there is a link to our Parent Advisory Council. This is a great place to find information for both our school based PAC and the District PAC (DPAC). Please be sure to check it out.

LifeTouch Photos: Your child’s school picture is available online. Simply go to to view your school pictures. Use the Portrait ID & Access Code on your proof sheet to claim your school pictures online. To redeem your complimentary digital Pictures2Protect card, click here.

Community Announcements: Often HD Stafford gets valuable information from community organizations in our surrounding area. These will be shared on the following link. This week we have the following

None This Week

Professional Learning: Here are a few of the professional learning articles, websites and videos I have “scooped” to  Leadership With Purpose: Random Curation of a Passionate Educator Be sure to check out the following:

  • What Do Letter Grades Have To Do With Performance
  • Clearing The Confusion Between Technology Rich And Innovative Poor: Six Questions
  • How Great Leaders Inspire Actions (video)

Upcoming Dates


Cross Country Practice after school

Football Game at Heritage Park 3:30 – 5:00

Community BBQ/Meet The Teacher 5:30 – 7:30




Cross Country Race at Aldergrove Lake

Grade 8s at Camp Kawakawa


Grade 8s at Camp Kawakawa


Grade 8s at Camp Kawakawa

Sports/Gym Schedule

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