Our Catchment Elementary Schools

Blacklock Fine Arts

604 530-3188 blacklock-elementary

Principal – Susanna Eppich (seppich@sd35.bc.ca)


Douglas-Park-CommunityDouglas Park Community

604 533-4491

Principal – Esther Schmit (eschmit@sd35.bc.ca)



James Hill Elementary James Hill Logo

604 530-0251

Principal – Chris Wejr (cwejr@sd35.bc.ca)



Nicomekl Elementary

604 533-1468

Principal – Mike Palichuk (mpalichuk@sd35.bc.ca)


Simonds Elementary – 604 530-2361 MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

Principal – Sarban Sangha (ssangha@sd35.bc.ca)


Uplands Elementary – 604 533-1285

Principal – Susan MacDonald (smacdonald@sd35.bc.ca)

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