Hawk Squawk: September 25th

Three weeks in and HD Stafford Middle is just hopping with powerful learning and community spirit! As students settle into their classes, staff have been working hard to engage them in their passions and talents. Here is the Hawk Squawk: September 25th. Please be sure to share with your family and friends.

1. Grade Eights “Lego” Of Tradition: It is amazing what happens when you dump lego pieces in front of a group of grade eights and ask them to create. This past week, Mrs Lacroix and Mr Safiq had their students participate in this creativity challenge and the results were amazing. And we’re not talking about the final products, but the process to get there. Every student was engaged and the collaboration between kids was incredible. They worked together to problem solve getting the pieces they needed as well as deciding on the design. A great example of the power of hands-on learning.

IMG_4096.JPG2. Cross Country Takes Off: This past week we had our first cross country race of the year out at beautiful Aldergrove Lake Park. The team of grade 6s and 7s from HD Stafford Middle IMG_4098.JPGrepresented the school very well, with one of our racers, Isaak coming in first overall. A huge thanks to Mr. Grill and Mr. Mitchell for coaching the team. Their next race is on Wednesday September 30th.

20150924_1321443. Things Get Rocking In Mr. Main and Mr. Bedard’s Class: One of the powerful ways for student to continue to develop their transferable skills is to engage in “learning beyond the content.” This is when we have students present what they have learned while learning a tool with which20150924_111633 to present it. Mr. Main and Mr. Bedard’s classes were studying different musical artists while learning how to use Google Slides. The presentations were engaging and fun but more importantly, students left with a tool they can use throughout their schooling and beyond.

MM Lab Experiment4. The Best Guess Is An Educated Guess: One of the best aspects of learning science is working through the “scientific method.” This is where students engage in formulating a hypothesis, making observations, recording data, and drawing a conclusion, all the while having some fun. Mr. Grill had them mm experiment 2make different predictions about candy and then record their findings and match them against their hypothesis. A tasty way to learn a valuable skill.

IMG_48735. HDSMS Staff Ignite Passion At Local Pro D Event: This past Wednesday, the Langley School District held it’s first ever Ignite 35 event. This sort of underground professional development invites some of the most passionate learners who come to hear stories from a wide array of educators.IMG_5031 Both Mr. Rowe and Mrs Janzen shared their amazing stories to this excited audience representing HD Stafford Middle School brilliantly. We are lucky to have such incredible, passionate educators right in our own building.

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