Hawk Squawk: September 18th

It feels so good to get our first full week of school under our belt. And what an amazing week it was. Learning was in full effect after a great start up last week. And already there are so many things to be celebrating. Here is our Hawk Squawk: September 18th. Please be sure to share with your family and friends.

IMG_54411. Parents Show Skyhawks Love At First PAC Meeting: There is no question that a successful school relies heavily on the support of the parent community. And if the first PAC meeting is any indication, there is no question how much success our students will experience this year. We had 17 people attend our first PAC meeting, with many of them being parents with new students in our school. After a great conversation around some plans for the upcoming year, the elections were held for the executive positions. A huge thank you to all the parents who volunteered for these important roles. Next meeting is on October 14th at 6:30. Looking forward to seeing even more parents there.

2. Things Get Popping In Division 20 & 21 : The grade six students in Mrs IMG_5438Chapman’s class got right into the inquiry mindset during their science class. They explored several different concepts using Alka Seltzer, water and popcorn. The engagement of the students was IMG_5439extremely evident by the questions they were asking about the experiment. It is great to see learning so passionate and personal for our students.

3. Skyhawk Football Plays Preseason Ball: After summer training sessions and a couple weeks of practice, the boys and girls on our Skyhawks football team hit the field for an organized scrimmage, preseason game against powerhouse Seaquam. The team showed a lot of promise on the skills they IMG_5430were working on in practice and it was awesome to get into some more authentic play situations … and of course, take some real tackles. Next week they play in a Jamboree against several teams next week in Pitt Meadows.

4. Students Explore Their Passions And Talents: One of the best learning opportunities for our students in the middle school setting is the Explorations! As they transition to high IMG_5427school, we work to give all our student a chance to try different subject areas to help them find their talents and passions. This past week, students joined Mr. Mitchell in the woodshop and, after covering some important safety lessons, they began making Kalimba African instruments using, among other things, the bandsaws. What an amazing opportunity for all of our kids.

5. Sew Sew Sew Your Pouch: Another exploration the students get to explore is in Home Arts. With Mrs Sanderson and Ms Donaldson, students get the opportunity to explore both cooking and sewing during this IMG_5426rotation. This past week, student began the textile portion by getting into hands on learning right away with a simple, yet useful project. They hand made a small pouch using felt, thread and a needle. The sense of pride on their faces after they completed the assignment was awesome. And what a great life skill to have under their belt.

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