Hawk Squawk: September 11th

There are so many amazing things that go on at HD Stafford Middle School each week and the Hawk Squawk is a way to capture just some of them! Each Friday we will share out five stories worth sharing and celebrating with the entire community. These will range from learning activities, school-wide spirit as well as individual and team accomplishments. So without further adieu, here is the Hawk Squawk: September 11th. Please be sure to share with your family and friends.

IMG_52531. Our Newest Skyhawks Get The VIP Treatment: This past Tuesday marked the beginning of an exciting three year journey for our grade six students. And they were welcomed with the VIP treatment as part of our assembly on Friday. Mrs LaCroix and Mrs Chapman led our students through some fun activities, IMG_5266all connected to ways to be successful in middle school. The students then had the opportunity to meet their homeroom teachers before leaving with a big smile on their face. We are excited for these students to really engage and grow while they are at HD Stafford Middle School. A special thank you to last year’s leadership students who came back from Langley Secondary to help out! 

IMG_53032. Stafford Students And Staff Show Off Their Skyhawks Spirit: Today students and staff had their first opportunity to earn points for their new House Teams! We had Skyhawks Pride and boy did we ever show it. Everyone was proudly sporting theirIMG_5305 HD Stafford wear and school colours! So great to see our sense of community begin building during the first few days of school!

IMG_52923. Learning Beyond The Walls With Mr. Bedard: The grade seven students in Mr. Bedard’s class wasted no time connecting their learning to the real world around them. As an introduction to their Biology unit in Science, the students went on a walk around the school to learn about the parts the environment. They delved into terms IMG_5293like “abiotic” and “biotic” while connecting it in a purposeful, meaningful way. And the best part was all the inquiry questions that arose from their biology walk. Looking forward to seeing the learning continue!

IMG_52894. Students Engage In The Marshmallow Challenge: This past week, the students in Mrs Chapman’s class undertook in the Marshmallow Challenge. This team building activity requires students to build the tallest structure they can with a full sized marshmallow on top using only 20 sticks spaghetti, 1 large marshmallow, 20 mini marshmallows, 1 yard of tape, 1 yard of string. They even had a time limit of 20 minutes. The communication skills and team building that occurred was amazing. And of course there was lots of fun along the way! Such a great use of inquiry learning right off the hop.

IMG_52955. Leadership Class Gets Challenged Right Off The Bat: One of the grade eight exploration options for our students is the leadership class. These students are an integral part of many of the amazing things that happen around our school. For their first class this past week, they began building team by IMG_1081collaborating on a variety of different challenges put to them by Mrs Lacroix. One involved students having to work together to move a marble from one side of the room to the other through plastic tubing. They employed their problem solving skills to complete the task. We are lucky to have such an amazing group this year.

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