Hawk Squawk: October 23rd

Hopefully everyone has had a spectacular week! They seem to go by so quickly. We had a great week at HD Stafford Middle School with lots to celebrate. Here is our Hawk Squawk: October 23rd. Be sure to share with your family and friends.

IMG_23771. HD Stafford Empowers Change at We Day 2015: On Wednesday, engaged students from all over the province descended upon Rogers Arena for the annual We Day event. This powerful day of story sharing and inspiration kicks of a year long campaign to make a difference in the lives of others through a local and global initiative. Twenty two students and three staff were inspired by speakers such as Spencer West, Chris HatfieldIMG_2383 and Henry Winkler. They came back ready to inspire the rest of our students to embrace the ability they have to truly effect change in the world. Our first campaign is during the Halloween season, We Scare Hunger. Thanks to Mr Brandolini, Mrs Lacroix and Ms McArthur for organizing this event for our students.

IMG_57712. Students Get Wacky For Crazy Hair Day: This past Thursday was one of our spirit days at HD Stafford Middle School. Students got creative as they put their hair in a variety of crazy shapes and designs. They even went IMG_5770so far as to add dyes and colours. There is no doubt the crazy hair added a ton of fun and spirit to our school. Thanks to our leadership class for their work in organizing this school-wide event.

IMG_57823. HDSMS Staff Embark On Powerful Professional Development: As student enjoyed a long weekend, the staff of HD Stafford Middle School engaged in a variety of professional learning activities throughout the entire province. Several went to hear Paula Kluth speak on the power and IMG_5780importance of inclusion while others went to CUEBC (tech integrations conference), PITA conference (Provincial Intermediate Teachers Association)  and other local activities. We look forward to them bringing what they have learned back to the school to improve learning for our students. 

4. Things Get Cooking In International Cooking: 
The students in MrIMG_5761s Sanderson’s grade 8 international cooking class had a great week learning how to make crepes! This French classic has seen many forms over the years but the studentsIMG_5760-1 decided to top theirs with whipped cream and chocolate making a tasty dessert. The end result was delicious. If you have a child in the class, you should really get them to make these for you in the near future.

IMG_57775. Volleyball Season In Full Swing: The Skyhawks grade 8 volleyball teams have hit the halfway point of the season, with both teams performing very well. This past week, our grade 8 boys hosted Langley Christian in IMG_5776a showdown. Our team has improved so much and played excellent against the cross town rivals! Huge thanks to Mr. Sandquist for coaching this group of dedicated players.

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