Hawk Squawk: October 16th

It was a short week, but no shortage of things to celebrate here at HD Stafford Middle School. We are so proud of the amazing learning opportunities our students have as a part of our community. Here is the Hawk Squawk: October 16th. Please be sure to share with your family and friends.

IMG_02141. Langley Centennial Museum: This past week, the students in Division 9 & 10 embarked on a field trip to the Langley Centennial Museum, a popular educational destination. As part of there integrated learning, they experienced hands on learning IMG_0212about archaeology techniques, digs, excavation, cataloging and local First Nation digs. The students were able to connect the classroom with practical, authentic use of the knowledge. Thanks to Mr Brandolini and Mr Grill for organizing this great experience.

IMG_3446-12. Great Shake Out: This past Thursday, there was a province wide Earthquake drill for the Great British Columbia Shakeout. Businesses, public buildings and schools ran a practice drill for if/when the “big one” comes. HD Stafford Middle students and staff did an excellent job with the first few minutes of our mockIMG_5713 earthquake as well as evacuating the building and preparing for next steps. We hope we never have a natural disaster of a large magnitude, but we want to ensure we are prepared if we do.

IMG_57163. Anatomy Drawings: Students in Ms Welsh’s Grade 8 Science classes have been studying the human body. And this past week, they began life size drawings of what makes up the inside of each and everyone one of us. Armed with technology to support their learning, students started by tracing their own frames and thenIMG_5717 filling in the internal organs, muscles, etc. It was a great way to connect the learning from the textbook to the other, artistic side of the brain. We look forward to seeing the final products.

58645langleyadvancegymnasts1cc4. Joey Humberstone: Many of the things we celebrate in our Hawk Squawk involve current staff and students of HD Stafford Middle School. But from time to time, it’s great to recognize the accomplishments of our former students. This past week, Joey Humberstone was recognized in the local paper for his tremendous accomplishments in gymnastics. Joey recently became the National Champion in junior level double-mini trampoline at the age of 17. As one of our first graduates of the 212 program here at HD Stafford Middle, Joey is a great example of the impact caring adults can have in a child’s life. We look forward to seeing how he does representing the country in Denmark this December. Click here for the full article.

5: Student Vote 2015: What better way to learn about the process of democracy that to IMG_5724
fully immerse in the federal election currently going on around us in Canada. That is exactly what the students of HD Stafford Middle did this past week as they participated in a nation-wide Student Vote campaign. They learned about government, democracy and the political parties in their own classes and then IMG_5722brought ID on Friday so they could participate in an actual vote. The results of voting students across the country has been shared for the past few years. And while they are not official voters yet, this experience helps teach them the importance of exercising our democratic rights.

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