Hawk Squawk: May 8th

First of all, a very Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing women out there who have such an important role in raising our children. Whether you are a biological mom, step mom, grandma, or aunt, you are important to our future generation. Have a great Sunday! Here is our Hawk Squawk: May 8th. Please share with your family and friends.

IMG_27611. Science of Fun At Playland: This past week, all of our grade 8 students hopped on busses and headed to Playland as part of their science unit in Physics. While the day was full of fun on the rides, there was plenty of learning to be had as the students IMG_4655.JPGapplied Newton’s Laws and other concepts to the rides in the park. It is another awesome example of connecting classroom learning to the world around us. There is no doubt the day produced memories for a life time.

IMG_27522. HDSMS Ready For Inaugural Middle School Track Meet: This past week, our students competed against one another for the right to represent HD Stafford Middle at the first ever District Middle School Track and Field Meet on June 1st. Students participated in running races (100m, 400m, 800m & 1500m) as well at field events (high jump,IMG_2750 ball throw, shot put, discus, long jump) with our top athletes now training to go up against Yorkson Creek, Betty Gilbert and Langley Fundamental. Will be a great day of athletics. Thank you to Mr Grill and Mrs Courtney for all their work in putting this day together.

IMG_03303. Goats For Mother’s Day: This weekend, many of us will be celebrating our mothers in honour of Mother’s Day. As a way of learning about long term aid vs short term aid in socials studies, Div 14 and 15 have decided to donate $1 each to buy a dairy goat for a mother in a developing nation for Mother’s Day. This fundraiser from the Free The Children group is a powerful way to give students a direct hand in changing the lives of those less fortunate. Maybe next year some of our own HDSMS moms will have a goat donated in their honour!

-10945336242F74B1324. LSS Students For Change Visit HDSMS: For the past few weeks, Mrs Stewart-Lee, counsellor at Langley Secondary School has been visiting some of our grade six students with LSS students to work on strategies related to dealing with bullying. The “Students For 20720709830FC5D76AChange” leadership group worked with our HDSMS students defining different roles like bully, victim and bystander to help increase understanding on how to minimize bullying in schools. Check out more pictures by clicking here.

IMG_27935. HDSMS Art Work Shown Off At Community Event: This past week, the City of Langley held its annual Youth Week. Part of the amazing events was a Youth Art Show held at Frostings Cupcakery and Bake Shop. Several students from HD Stafford Middle School participated, celebrating their amazing pieces of work. As we often say, one of IMG_2792the best parts of being at a middle school is the opportunity to explore a child’s talents and passions. The work shared at the Art Show was another example of that talent and passion being celebrated. A huge thanks to Mr. Sandquist for organizing this.


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