Hawk Squawk: May 15th

As we head into the May Long Weekend (there is no school Monday), it is crazy to think we only have 6 weeks left. Things have been cooking along here at HD Stafford Middle with learning hitting its peak. There is lots to celebrate so be sure to check out the Hawk Squawk: May 15th. As always, share with your family and friends.

image31. HDSMS Creates Racquet At Badminton Tournament: This past week, some of our students competed in the badminton Upper Fraser Valley playoffs at Yorkson Creek Middle School. Out of eight teams for MIXED DOUBLES, Brian C and Anne L received silver trophies. Also, out of 13 teams for image1GIRLS DOUBLES Pe Lay P and Ludee L received silver trophies. The top 8 teams in each event qualify to participate in the Fraser Valley Championships next week. We have several students who qualified and we wish them all the best. Huge thanks to Ms Kim for coaching them this season.

IMG_28622. Renaissance Inquiry Begins: The grade eight students kicked off another integrated unit of study this past week by using art mediums to explore different aspects of the Renaissance period. They participated in painting, clay sculptures and IMG_2866construction to explore what it was like to live during this time. They even recreated the act of painting the Sistine Chapel but laying on their backs to paint under their desks. Michelangelo would have been proud.

IMG_1549.JPG3. Aboriginal Students Visit Museum Of Anthropology: This past week, our amazing Aboriginal Support Worker, Mrs Matthews took several of our students on a field trip to the Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia. There they learned a great deal about the lives of First Nations Peoples while seeing actual IMG_1551.JPGartifacts from their history. It is great when learning can be connected to the real world for our students.

IMG_28534. Learning Gets Static In Ms Hamilton’s Room: We’ve all had that shock touching a door handle after dragging our feet along the carpet. And who hasn’t rubbed a balloon in their hair and “stuck” it to the wall. The grade six students in Ms Hamilton’sIMG_2855 class learned the science behind this by conducting different experiments involving static electricity. And it was clear that they were having some fun while experiencing authentic learning.

IMG_28955. Stafford’s Got Talent: One of the awesome annual events at our school is the Stafford’s Got Talent Show! Each year we are amazing by a variety of different performances from our amazing students. This year we had singing, dancing and even some cultural drumming and bagpipes!IMG_2893 Huge thanks to Mr Rowe and Mrs Liebel for all their incredible work in putting this show together.

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