Hawk Squawk: April 10th

Another great week at HD Stafford Middle School. So much amazing learning going on both within the school and beyond! Below is our Hawk Squawk: April 10th. Be sure to share with your family and friends.

IMG_24761. Skyhawk Cross Country Off To The Races: It was a beautiful week to have our first cross country competition out at Aldergrove Lake as our Skyhawk runners ran against other schools in the beautiful sunshine. Our team, coached by Mr. Grill IMG_1061and Mrs Courtney did an amazing job on the 2.2 km course and represented our school extremely well. There will be two more races before the championship contest in a few weeks. Good luck in the future Skyhawks.

IMG_10742. Grade Eights Create Stop Motion Masterpieces: The students in Mrs Lacroix’s grade eight leadership class have been working on a awesome inquiry problem. They had to come up with a school related issue as well as a solution to the problem. They are now in the process of IMG_9566putting all that thinking into stop motion videos! They are using lego, clay and other artistic mediums to create awesome videos to showcase their learning. We are looking forward to seeing the finished products!

IMG_36313. Things Get Electric In Grade Six IFA: This past week, our grade six students from the IFA program took what they have been learning about electricity on the road during a field trip to BC Hydro at Stave Lake. Students have been learning about this IMG_7359topic in class, but saw it in real-life action during an awesome day of exploring and learning. So powerful when we can connect the classroom to authentic situations in our community. Huge thanks to Ms. McArthur for organizing this awesome learning experience.

4. More Stop Motion In Dance: The students in Mrs Liebel’s Hip Hop class using the iPads and a stop motion movie apps to create an awesome dance. They were focusing on isolation … moving particular parts of the body at individual times. They choreographed the moves and then took hundreds of stop motion photos to create the animation below. It is so awesome to see technology being used to truly empower learning. Click here to check out an example.

Stop Motion Dance

IMG_25175. Sock Puppets Come Alive In Mrs Courtney’s Class: For the past few weeks, students in Mrs. Courtney’s grade seven class have been working on creating sock puppets with a variety of characteristic. It has been awesome watching them throughout IMG_2508this process as they develop these personalized puppets. They are now finished and they look great! Perhaps a puppet show is in the future?

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