The Stafford Code of Conduct

H.D. Stafford Middle School Code of Conduct
Statement of Purpose

At H.D. Stafford Middle School one of our goals is to provide a safe, caring, orderly environment that promotes “School Involvement” and opportunities for “Student Success”.  Our Code of Conduct has been developed by the school’s Administrative team with input from staff and parents.  Our intent is to have a school climate that while exciting and active, provides clear expectations for appropriate behaviour in all settings. Our Code of Conduct is enforced at school, on field trips, while traveling to and from school as well as when attending any school sponsored games, events or other functions.

Conduct Expectations

We believe that when parents and the school work together the opportunity for students to be successful is significantly increased.  At H.D. Stafford we believe that it is important that students are taught and reminded about appropriate behaviour and our Code of Conduct on a regular basis. Consideration is given to the severity and frequency of the misconduct as well as the age and maturity of the student involved prior to determining the appropriate consequence.  with contraventions to our Code of Conduct in a fair, equitable and expedient manner. Examples of expectations set out in our code include:

• Follow directions and instructions of all staff

• Use appropriate language.

• Be respectful to peers and staff

• Be honest and forthcoming at all times

• Participate in all classes and strive to do your best

• Follow the school dress code

• Treat school property with care

Consequences and Notification

We understand that everyone makes mistakes and that as “middle schoolers” it is important that students learn from their mistakes, with this in mind we endeavour to provide consequences that are related to the misbehaviour.  Consequences for misbehaviour are based on the severity and frequency of the act and the maturity of the student.  Examples of consequences could range from a verbal warning to suspension and very rarely expulsion from the school.  In some cases the school administration may have a responsibility to notify other agencies of serious breaches of conduct.  The following list provides examples of unacceptable behaviour at H.D. Stafford Middle School:

• Bullying, intimidating or threatening others

• Being physically aggressive

• Insulting, disrespecting or discriminating

• Endangering the safety of others

• Disrupting the learning environment

• Possessing or using tobacco, alcohol or illegal drugs

(These are examples of unacceptable behaviours, not an all-inclusive list)

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