Welcome To HD Staffford Middle School


Located in the heart of Langley City, HD Stafford Middle School came into existence in September of 2008 as the first “stand alone” Middle School in School District #35 (Langley).  Our school takes advantage of incredible facilities by providing all of our students with a variety of programming options that including Woodworking, Metalwork, Electronics, Cooking, Sewing, Fine Art and Physical Activity classes which we call “Explorations”.

In addition to our Academic program, H.D.S.M.S. also features an optional Integrated Fine Arts program for students in grades 6 & 7 and Intensive Fine Arts for Grade 8’s.  At Stafford Middle we believe that young adolescents need to explore and have opportunities to be successful in a wide array of areas in addition to their academic pursuits, to this end we have a huge variety of athletic teams, clubs and fine arts opportunities for all of our students.

Principal: Mr. S. Davids                  Vice-Principal: Mrs I. Hayer

Phone: 604-534-9285

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Hawk Squawk: October 30th

What an awesome week! So much excitement and energy as we head into Halloween and the month of November. Here is the Hawk Squawk: October 30th. Please be sure to share with your family and friends.

IMG_58781. Peer Tutors Empower Learning In Room 121: One of the core beliefs at HD Stafford Middle School is that learning can happen at anytime from anyone. We are so excited that in one of our classrooms, we have established some amazing peer tutoring to empower student learning. The relationships and connections IMG_5879have been amazing as some of our students with special needs are interacting and learning along side other students. The mutual benefits are amazing. We look forward to watching this grow and develop over the course of the year.

2. Douglas Park Earns $10,000 Prize For Books: It has been a very interesting week for one of our feeder schools, Douglas Park Elementary, that had a very happy conclusion. Many in our community supported their bid to win the Indigo Adopt-a-School campaign by voting daily for this amazing school. The grand prize Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 4.10.40 PMwas $10,000 in books! And at the end of the contest, Douglas Park had the most votes, only to find out they had been disqualified for a technicality. However, the community bonded together and through the help of Shelby Thom at CKNW, ended up receiving a $10,000 donation from Indigo as well as an additional 1000 books from Black Bond books. There are so many great lessons in this story and, most importantly, a great infusion of literacy into our that school!

IMG_58693. Student Learning Empowered By Technology: Mr. Main’s division seven and eight classes have been learning about current events and their place in the world around them. And given how fast the news cycle is these days, it is imperative they have access to technology to get a true sense of global issues. So, IMG_5868this past week, they used Google Docs and hyperlinked YouTube videos to learn more about current news issues in the world around them. Part of school is to give student attributes and skills that connect to the “real world.” There is no question this assignment did just that.

IMG_58534. HD Stafford Middle Haunted House: This past week, we hosted our annual Haunted House, inviting our feeder schools and the surrounding community in for a good scare. With our students as the actors, parents and children alike were amazed by how intricate and entertaining the maze was. It is a great IMG_5859fundraiser as well, brining in almost $2500. Thank you to Mr Hendy and Mr Mitchell for all of their tremendous work in organizing this great community event.

IMG_59395. Halloween Fun At HD Stafford Middle School: What a great way to end the week! The staff and students at our school got into the Halloween spirit, showing up in amazing costumes and spreading lots of Halloween joy. They worked on Halloween infused IMG_5916learning activities and then spent the afternoon participating in a fun activity of their choice, the most popular being the dance of course. On behalf of everyone, we want to wish the entire HD Stafford Middle community a safe and fun Halloween tomorrow!


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Hawk Squawk: October 23rd

Hopefully everyone has had a spectacular week! They seem to go by so quickly. We had a great week at HD Stafford Middle School with lots to celebrate. Here is our Hawk Squawk: October 23rd. Be sure to share with your family and friends.

IMG_23771. HD Stafford Empowers Change at We Day 2015: On Wednesday, engaged students from all over the province descended upon Rogers Arena for the annual We Day event. This powerful day of story sharing and inspiration kicks of a year long campaign to make a difference in the lives of others through a local and global initiative. Twenty two students and three staff were inspired by speakers such as Spencer West, Chris HatfieldIMG_2383 and Henry Winkler. They came back ready to inspire the rest of our students to embrace the ability they have to truly effect change in the world. Our first campaign is during the Halloween season, We Scare Hunger. Thanks to Mr Brandolini, Mrs Lacroix and Ms McArthur for organizing this event for our students.

IMG_57712. Students Get Wacky For Crazy Hair Day: This past Thursday was one of our spirit days at HD Stafford Middle School. Students got creative as they put their hair in a variety of crazy shapes and designs. They even went IMG_5770so far as to add dyes and colours. There is no doubt the crazy hair added a ton of fun and spirit to our school. Thanks to our leadership class for their work in organizing this school-wide event.

IMG_57823. HDSMS Staff Embark On Powerful Professional Development: As student enjoyed a long weekend, the staff of HD Stafford Middle School engaged in a variety of professional learning activities throughout the entire province. Several went to hear Paula Kluth speak on the power and IMG_5780importance of inclusion while others went to CUEBC (tech integrations conference), PITA conference (Provincial Intermediate Teachers Association)  and other local activities. We look forward to them bringing what they have learned back to the school to improve learning for our students. 

4. Things Get Cooking In International Cooking: 
The students in MrIMG_5761s Sanderson’s grade 8 international cooking class had a great week learning how to make crepes! This French classic has seen many forms over the years but the studentsIMG_5760-1 decided to top theirs with whipped cream and chocolate making a tasty dessert. The end result was delicious. If you have a child in the class, you should really get them to make these for you in the near future.

IMG_57775. Volleyball Season In Full Swing: The Skyhawks grade 8 volleyball teams have hit the halfway point of the season, with both teams performing very well. This past week, our grade 8 boys hosted Langley Christian in IMG_5776a showdown. Our team has improved so much and played excellent against the cross town rivals! Huge thanks to Mr. Sandquist for coaching this group of dedicated players.

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Hawk Squawk: October 16th

It was a short week, but no shortage of things to celebrate here at HD Stafford Middle School. We are so proud of the amazing learning opportunities our students have as a part of our community. Here is the Hawk Squawk: October 16th. Please be sure to share with your family and friends.

IMG_02141. Langley Centennial Museum: This past week, the students in Division 9 & 10 embarked on a field trip to the Langley Centennial Museum, a popular educational destination. As part of there integrated learning, they experienced hands on learning IMG_0212about archaeology techniques, digs, excavation, cataloging and local First Nation digs. The students were able to connect the classroom with practical, authentic use of the knowledge. Thanks to Mr Brandolini and Mr Grill for organizing this great experience.

IMG_3446-12. Great Shake Out: This past Thursday, there was a province wide Earthquake drill for the Great British Columbia Shakeout. Businesses, public buildings and schools ran a practice drill for if/when the “big one” comes. HD Stafford Middle students and staff did an excellent job with the first few minutes of our mockIMG_5713 earthquake as well as evacuating the building and preparing for next steps. We hope we never have a natural disaster of a large magnitude, but we want to ensure we are prepared if we do.

IMG_57163. Anatomy Drawings: Students in Ms Welsh’s Grade 8 Science classes have been studying the human body. And this past week, they began life size drawings of what makes up the inside of each and everyone one of us. Armed with technology to support their learning, students started by tracing their own frames and thenIMG_5717 filling in the internal organs, muscles, etc. It was a great way to connect the learning from the textbook to the other, artistic side of the brain. We look forward to seeing the final products.

58645langleyadvancegymnasts1cc4. Joey Humberstone: Many of the things we celebrate in our Hawk Squawk involve current staff and students of HD Stafford Middle School. But from time to time, it’s great to recognize the accomplishments of our former students. This past week, Joey Humberstone was recognized in the local paper for his tremendous accomplishments in gymnastics. Joey recently became the National Champion in junior level double-mini trampoline at the age of 17. As one of our first graduates of the 212 program here at HD Stafford Middle, Joey is a great example of the impact caring adults can have in a child’s life. We look forward to seeing how he does representing the country in Denmark this December. Click here for the full article.

5: Student Vote 2015: What better way to learn about the process of democracy that to IMG_5724
fully immerse in the federal election currently going on around us in Canada. That is exactly what the students of HD Stafford Middle did this past week as they participated in a nation-wide Student Vote campaign. They learned about government, democracy and the political parties in their own classes and then IMG_5722brought ID on Friday so they could participate in an actual vote. The results of voting students across the country has been shared for the past few years. And while they are not official voters yet, this experience helps teach them the importance of exercising our democratic rights.

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Hawk Squawk: October 9th

Another incredible week at HD Stafford Middle. As you head into your Thanksgiving long weekend, please take a moment to join us in celebrating successes from this past week in our Hawk Squawk: October 9th. And of course, be sure to share with your family and friends.

IMG_56871. HD Stafford Raises Money and Awareness For Cancer: This past week, we celebrated and honoured a Canadian hero with our Terry Fox fundraising campaign and run. While it is tradition to go for a run, in honour of the historic attempt to cross Canada Terry made, one of the most powerful parts of the day wasIMG_5691 seeing how many students were impacted by cancer in their circle of family and friends. When asked to stand at the assembly if they had a family member or friend who has had cancer there were few students still seated. Powerful. Thank you to Mrs Hayer for sharing her own personal connection to cancer and to the entire community who raised over $850.00 for the Terry Fox Foundation.

IMG_56782. Student Rocks Out On The Radio: This past week, our resident DJ, Emmett had the opportunity of a life time. After Ms Tessler wrote a passionate letter to Rock 101 about how much this student loves music and music trivia, the radio station invited IMG_5679him down to visit the studio and even sit down with Willy, the morning host. Emmett got to share his story and even introduce a song. It is so amazing when we can truly connect passion and learning in the real-world environment.

3. PowToon French: When learning a new language, it is important to not only understand the written form, but to be able to use it in conversation. And the students in Mr Grill’s class did just that using a great (and free) online tool called PowToon. Students were able to create animated dialogues in French using their own voices to create the audio. And the results involved both fun and high level learning. You can click here to see an example. Nice to see technology being used to empower the learning of our students.

IMG_56924. IFA Spends Some Time Gossiping: There is no question that one of the harmful things that can occur during the middle years (and sometimes beyond) is talking about people behind their back. Gossiping is a social issue that the IFA students took to task this past week through some role play and drama games.IMG_5693 Learning about how distorted a message can get the more people it goes through is a valuable way to understand why gossiping is not a character trait we want to develop. It will be great to see how our students transfer what they have learned through these lessons into their everyday interactions with peers.

IMG_56965. Grade Sevens Build Furniture In Drama: While one would expect that furniture building would occur in our wood shop, this past week Mrs Yzerman had the students in grade 7 playing a great drama game involving household items. The goal for each group was to create a scene where each student was a IMG_5695 piece of furniture while one actor performed the scene using each item. The creativity was amazing as students turned themselves into chairs, tables and even a swing. Love seeing the fine arts being enjoyed during explorations time. 



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Hawk Squawk: October 2nd

Hard to believe we are already into the month of October. The temperature says it’s Fall, but this past week HD Stafford Middle was under beautiful sunshine. So much great learning and team building going on this past week. Here is the Hawk Squawk: October 2nd. Please be sure to share with you family and friends.

IMG_78341. Great Turn Out For Meet The Staff Community BBQ: Mother Nature was in full cooperation on Monday as we held our first ever Meet The Staff Community BBQ on Monday. The grill was going as parents and students came to the school to meet our IMG_5568amazing staff. It was great to continue to build that important connection between school and home in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. And the weather was perfect! Looking forward to this being an annual event.

IMG_01792. A Quick Trip To Atlantis In Division 9 & 10: The grade seven students in Mr. Brandolini and Mr Grill’s classes have been examining the ancient history of Atlantis in their Humanities time. Students deciphered ancient messages about the people of Atlantis, all while making hypotheses about their culture and what happened to them. InIMG_0177 fact, the students became “archaeologists” as they worked collaboratively to uncover the history of these peoples. It is so important for students to understand our history and how the world around them today compares. This unit on Atlantis goes a long way to that learning goal.

IMG_74733. Aboriginal Truth And Reconciliation Recognized On Orange Shirt Day: This past Wednesday, September 30th was “Orange Shirt Day” in recognition of residential school survivors and in memory of those who did not. And it’s the day’s tagline of EVERY CHILD MATTERS that really resonates. The history of CQLmu4xUcAAhQqAour country is filled with many triumphs however the treatment of our Aboriginal peoples is not one of them. And this day is a small step in moving that forward to a much better place. It was powerful to see many of the HD Stafford family of schools participate in this important day.

FullSizeRender.jpg-134. Skyhawks Football Is Triumphant Over Heritage Park: The boys and girls on the football team played their first league game this past Monday on the road at Heritage Park Middle School in Mission. The squad boarded the bus in anticipation and all that excitement and energy came bursting outFullSizeRender.jpg-12 right on the first play of the game! The Skyhawks played a very hard fought battle, defeating Heritage Park 25 – 6. Next up is Hatzic Middle SchoolIMG_3603.JPG on Monday at McLeod Athletic Park. Come on out and cheer on the team.

IMG_14555. Grade Eights Bond At Camp Kawkawa: This past week, our grade eight students went to a campground just outside of Hope for an experience of a lifetime. Instead of going at the end of the school year, over 110 grade 8s and their teachers went to Camp Kawkawa for three days of team-building and memory-making. Students had the opportunity to try out archery, learn survival skills, go swimming and kayaking. They made pizza in an outside brick oven and enjoyed two nights of great camp fire activities under the stars! And the best part is this common experience has helped bring this grade 8 class together in amazing ways. A tremendous thanks to Mr Rowe, Mr Sandquist, Ms Welsh, Mrs Lacroix, Mr Jung, Ms Janzen and the amazing parents who volunteered to make this happen. Looking forward to even more pictures!


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Hawk Squawk: September 25th

Three weeks in and HD Stafford Middle is just hopping with powerful learning and community spirit! As students settle into their classes, staff have been working hard to engage them in their passions and talents. Here is the Hawk Squawk: September 25th. Please be sure to share with your family and friends.

1. Grade Eights “Lego” Of Tradition: It is amazing what happens when you dump lego pieces in front of a group of grade eights and ask them to create. This past week, Mrs Lacroix and Mr Safiq had their students participate in this creativity challenge and the results were amazing. And we’re not talking about the final products, but the process to get there. Every student was engaged and the collaboration between kids was incredible. They worked together to problem solve getting the pieces they needed as well as deciding on the design. A great example of the power of hands-on learning.

IMG_4096.JPG2. Cross Country Takes Off: This past week we had our first cross country race of the year out at beautiful Aldergrove Lake Park. The team of grade 6s and 7s from HD Stafford Middle IMG_4098.JPGrepresented the school very well, with one of our racers, Isaak coming in first overall. A huge thanks to Mr. Grill and Mr. Mitchell for coaching the team. Their next race is on Wednesday September 30th.

20150924_1321443. Things Get Rocking In Mr. Main and Mr. Bedard’s Class: One of the powerful ways for student to continue to develop their transferable skills is to engage in “learning beyond the content.” This is when we have students present what they have learned while learning a tool with which20150924_111633 to present it. Mr. Main and Mr. Bedard’s classes were studying different musical artists while learning how to use Google Slides. The presentations were engaging and fun but more importantly, students left with a tool they can use throughout their schooling and beyond.

MM Lab Experiment4. The Best Guess Is An Educated Guess: One of the best aspects of learning science is working through the “scientific method.” This is where students engage in formulating a hypothesis, making observations, recording data, and drawing a conclusion, all the while having some fun. Mr. Grill had them mm experiment 2make different predictions about candy and then record their findings and match them against their hypothesis. A tasty way to learn a valuable skill.

IMG_48735. HDSMS Staff Ignite Passion At Local Pro D Event: This past Wednesday, the Langley School District held it’s first ever Ignite 35 event. This sort of underground professional development invites some of the most passionate learners who come to hear stories from a wide array of educators.IMG_5031 Both Mr. Rowe and Mrs Janzen shared their amazing stories to this excited audience representing HD Stafford Middle School brilliantly. We are lucky to have such incredible, passionate educators right in our own building.

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Hawk Squawk: September 18th

It feels so good to get our first full week of school under our belt. And what an amazing week it was. Learning was in full effect after a great start up last week. And already there are so many things to be celebrating. Here is our Hawk Squawk: September 18th. Please be sure to share with your family and friends.

IMG_54411. Parents Show Skyhawks Love At First PAC Meeting: There is no question that a successful school relies heavily on the support of the parent community. And if the first PAC meeting is any indication, there is no question how much success our students will experience this year. We had 17 people attend our first PAC meeting, with many of them being parents with new students in our school. After a great conversation around some plans for the upcoming year, the elections were held for the executive positions. A huge thank you to all the parents who volunteered for these important roles. Next meeting is on October 14th at 6:30. Looking forward to seeing even more parents there.

2. Things Get Popping In Division 20 & 21 : The grade six students in Mrs IMG_5438Chapman’s class got right into the inquiry mindset during their science class. They explored several different concepts using Alka Seltzer, water and popcorn. The engagement of the students was IMG_5439extremely evident by the questions they were asking about the experiment. It is great to see learning so passionate and personal for our students.

3. Skyhawk Football Plays Preseason Ball: After summer training sessions and a couple weeks of practice, the boys and girls on our Skyhawks football team hit the field for an organized scrimmage, preseason game against powerhouse Seaquam. The team showed a lot of promise on the skills they IMG_5430were working on in practice and it was awesome to get into some more authentic play situations … and of course, take some real tackles. Next week they play in a Jamboree against several teams next week in Pitt Meadows.

4. Students Explore Their Passions And Talents: One of the best learning opportunities for our students in the middle school setting is the Explorations! As they transition to high IMG_5427school, we work to give all our student a chance to try different subject areas to help them find their talents and passions. This past week, students joined Mr. Mitchell in the woodshop and, after covering some important safety lessons, they began making Kalimba African instruments using, among other things, the bandsaws. What an amazing opportunity for all of our kids.

5. Sew Sew Sew Your Pouch: Another exploration the students get to explore is in Home Arts. With Mrs Sanderson and Ms Donaldson, students get the opportunity to explore both cooking and sewing during this IMG_5426rotation. This past week, student began the textile portion by getting into hands on learning right away with a simple, yet useful project. They hand made a small pouch using felt, thread and a needle. The sense of pride on their faces after they completed the assignment was awesome. And what a great life skill to have under their belt.

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Hawk Squawk: September 11th

There are so many amazing things that go on at HD Stafford Middle School each week and the Hawk Squawk is a way to capture just some of them! Each Friday we will share out five stories worth sharing and celebrating with the entire community. These will range from learning activities, school-wide spirit as well as individual and team accomplishments. So without further adieu, here is the Hawk Squawk: September 11th. Please be sure to share with your family and friends.

IMG_52531. Our Newest Skyhawks Get The VIP Treatment: This past Tuesday marked the beginning of an exciting three year journey for our grade six students. And they were welcomed with the VIP treatment as part of our assembly on Friday. Mrs LaCroix and Mrs Chapman led our students through some fun activities, IMG_5266all connected to ways to be successful in middle school. The students then had the opportunity to meet their homeroom teachers before leaving with a big smile on their face. We are excited for these students to really engage and grow while they are at HD Stafford Middle School. A special thank you to last year’s leadership students who came back from Langley Secondary to help out! 

IMG_53032. Stafford Students And Staff Show Off Their Skyhawks Spirit: Today students and staff had their first opportunity to earn points for their new House Teams! We had Skyhawks Pride and boy did we ever show it. Everyone was proudly sporting theirIMG_5305 HD Stafford wear and school colours! So great to see our sense of community begin building during the first few days of school!

IMG_52923. Learning Beyond The Walls With Mr. Bedard: The grade seven students in Mr. Bedard’s class wasted no time connecting their learning to the real world around them. As an introduction to their Biology unit in Science, the students went on a walk around the school to learn about the parts the environment. They delved into terms IMG_5293like “abiotic” and “biotic” while connecting it in a purposeful, meaningful way. And the best part was all the inquiry questions that arose from their biology walk. Looking forward to seeing the learning continue!

IMG_52894. Students Engage In The Marshmallow Challenge: This past week, the students in Mrs Chapman’s class undertook in the Marshmallow Challenge. This team building activity requires students to build the tallest structure they can with a full sized marshmallow on top using only 20 sticks spaghetti, 1 large marshmallow, 20 mini marshmallows, 1 yard of tape, 1 yard of string. They even had a time limit of 20 minutes. The communication skills and team building that occurred was amazing. And of course there was lots of fun along the way! Such a great use of inquiry learning right off the hop.

IMG_52955. Leadership Class Gets Challenged Right Off The Bat: One of the grade eight exploration options for our students is the leadership class. These students are an integral part of many of the amazing things that happen around our school. For their first class this past week, they began building team by IMG_1081collaborating on a variety of different challenges put to them by Mrs Lacroix. One involved students having to work together to move a marble from one side of the room to the other through plastic tubing. They employed their problem solving skills to complete the task. We are lucky to have such an amazing group this year.

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Hawk Squawk: June 19th

Well, we are rapidly nearing the end of the road and there has been plenty of celebrating going on. This past week saw many of our students enjoying educational and fun field trips with a large group also going off to camp. Here is the Hawk Squawk: June 19th. Please be sure to share with your family and friends.

  1. HDSMS Head Camping To Evan’s Lake: During this past week, some of our grade seven and eight students headed up to Evan’s Lake! This amazing camp facility located just north of Squamish played host to our students as they participated in a variety of activities including orienteering, archery, swimming and canoeing. They learned a ton of camp songs, went on amazing hikes and created memories that will undoubtedly last a life time. Huge thanks to Mr Sandquist, Mr Anderson, Mrs Lacroix, Mrs Welsh and all the amazing counsellors who made this trip possible!
  2. Room 121 Goes To The Zoo: It was a great outing this past week for our students IMG_3397with special needs as they headed out to the Greater Vancouver Zoo in Aldergrove. This amazing group of kids visited with the lions, tigers and giraffes, enjoying every IMG_3411minute of it. As you can see from the smiles on their faces, they had been looking forward to this trip for a long long time. So amazing to see all of our students out in the world around them connecting their learning.
  3. Grade 6s Take to the Ice: This past week, many of our IMG_3420grade six students took a walk to Twin Rinks for a little ice time. They strapped on their skates and enjoyed an hour of exercise while having fun with their friends. It’s a great extension of the PE curriculum and a fun activity for the second to last week of school.
  4. IFA Adventure Week A Blast: As a huge celebration for a year of hard work, our four IFA classes enjoyed their week of IMG_2677adventure, embarking on a few different field trips. They went to Derby Reach for a picnic and hike, Colossus movie theatre to see Jurassic World as well as Walnut Grove Pool for a swim. They rounded out the week with some fun “minute to IMG_3401win it” games as well as a scavenger hunt that included selfies with Mrs Dick and Mrs Power. So great to take time to celebrate the many successes of the past school year.
  5. Another Day At The Beach: Many of the grade six students IMG_3410had a great trip to Crescent Beach this past week to both celebrate a wonderful year and do some hands on aquatic learning! The students enjoyed perfect weather as they explored the shoreline and into the water. They found tons of starfish and IMG_6303even some bullhead fish. A great way to combine learning and fun!
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Hawk Squawk: June 12th

What a week! So much excitement in the air as we inch ever closer to the end of another amazing year at HD Stafford Middle School. Here is the Hawk Squawk: June 12th. Be sure to share with your family and friends.

1. Students Win Gold At Stafford Olympics: This past Wednesday saw our Stafford Olympics occur! Similar to Sports Day, but with a global flare, students competed in their House Team clans in a variety of challenging game stations. There were relay races, obstacle courses and stations where getting wet was the name of the game. There were even some staff versus student tug-o-war competitions to round out the day. The weather cooperated completely and students and staff had a blast. Huge thanks to the grade 8 co-captains of each team as well as Mrs Bhamra, Mr Main and the entire staff for making this day possible.

IMG_33002. Football Mini Camp Kicks Off Season: This past week saw our 2015 Football season kick off with a fun mini-camp for our current students. Coach Safiq and Coach Main along with the assistants ran some fun skill drills for the students learning about tackling, footwork, defending, receiving and throwing. The IMG_3291athletes had a blast and are already looking forward to summer camp in August. If any players are still interested in joining the team, be sure to talk to one of the head coaches.

20150612_113357(0)3. Grade Sevens Spend Day At Playland: As the year comes to a close, many classes are enjoying a celebration a year’s worth of hard work with a fun outing. The grade sevens spent the day at Playland enjoying the amazing rides and games there. The IMG_1601.JPGweather was perfect as students rode the wooden roller coaster, Hellavator and Revelation. It was a memorable day for all who attended.

IMG_30294. Grade Eights Slide Their Way Out Of The Week: The students in our grade eight classes participated in the traditional trip to Cultus Lake Water Slides this past week. The wind made it a little chilly, but that didn’t stop the kids from having a blast! They braved the Colossal Canyon, as well as the IMG_6243Free Fall and Bazooka Bowls all day long. It was a great culmination of all the amazing efforts these students have made during their time at HD Stafford Middle School!

IMG_4851.JPG5. Mr Brandolini’s Class Capture Life In A Bottle: The grade seven students have been learning about ecosystems as part of their on-going Biology Science unit. This past week, the students from Mr. Brandolini’s class created their own IMG_4849.JPGecosystems in 2L plastic bottles. They had to include all the components they had been learning about in class. Was a great way for students to take what they had been reading about in the textbook and create authentic examples. Powerful learning.

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