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Located in the heart of Langley City, HD Stafford Middle School came into existence in September of 2008 as the first “stand alone” Middle School in School District #35 (Langley).  Our school takes advantage of incredible facilities by providing all of our students with a variety of programming options that including Woodworking, Metalwork, Electronics, Cooking, Sewing, Fine Art and Physical Activity classes which we call “Explorations”.

In addition to our Academic program, H.D.S.M.S. also features an optional Integrated Fine Arts program for students in grades 6 & 7 and Intensive Fine Arts for Grade 8’s.  At Stafford Middle we believe that young adolescents need to explore and have opportunities to be successful in a wide array of areas in addition to their academic pursuits, to this end we have a huge variety of athletic teams, clubs and fine arts opportunities for all of our students.

Principal: Mr. G. McCuaig                  Co-Principal: Mr. S. Davids

Phone: 604-534-9285

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Hawk Squawk: April 17th

Happy Friday! It has been an incredible week, and not just because of the awesome weather. The learning and positive spirit at HD Stafford Middle was evident throughout the school and beyond the walls. You can definitely tell that Spring has sprung! Here is our Hawk Squawk: April 18th. Please be sure to share with your family and friends.

1. Grade Fives Get A Taste Of HDSMS:
This week, the halls of HD Stafford we full of an extra level of energy as the grade fives from our feeder schools spent time getting comfortable as the being to make the transition into middle school. Students from Blacklock Fine Arts, Douglas Park, James Hill, Nicomekl, IMG_2590Simonds and Uplands spent a couple hours learning how to open locks, find their way around the school and get to know the amazing Skyhawk spirit that permeates our halls. A huge thanks to Mr Hofbauer, Mrs Lacroix and the incredible Leadership Team for all their work in putt the activities together.

IMG_26162. Skyhawk Honours Effort And Academics: Today was our term two honour roll assembly where we recognized our HD Stafford Middle students for excellence during the second reporting term. A variety of students were recognized for their IMG_2609achievements in academics as well as for effort. Students received certificates for the A honour roll, B honour roll, Effort honour roll as well as for our Skyhawk award. It is one of the many aspects that of HDSMS that makes being a Skyhawk so amazing!

IMG_25923. Science Takes A Close Eye At The Sheep: The students in Mr. Hunter’s grade eight science class got their lab coats on and got dirty in the science lab. As part of their unit on the human body, they used a sheep’s eye to do a comparison with those in IMG_2597humans. They carefully dissected the specimen, taking the time to analyze and document each part. Again, it is so great to see powerful, authentic learning happening in the middle school environment

IMG_26034. Skyhawks Rugby Continues Its Domination: There is no question that over the past few years, the rugby program has gained a reputation as being extremely hard-working and competitive. But this year, the team is IMG_2602definitely seeing the fruits of their hard work and they continue to not only defeat, but dominate league play. This past week, the boys won a game against Abby Middle 56 – 17. Next up is a game on Thursday in Abbotsford versus Chief Dan Middle School.

IMG_26145. New Vice Principal Visits HDSMS: On Friday, we were excited to have Mrs Iha Hayer stop by HD Stafford Middle School to come say hello to some students, parents and staff. Mrs Hayer is joining us from Burnaby starting in September but stopped by the last honour roll assembly to meet our grade 6 students. We are excited about the passion and knowledge Mrs Hayer will bring to HDSMS!

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Hawk Squawk: April 10th

Another great week at HD Stafford Middle School. So much amazing learning going on both within the school and beyond! Below is our Hawk Squawk: April 10th. Be sure to share with your family and friends.

IMG_24761. Skyhawk Cross Country Off To The Races: It was a beautiful week to have our first cross country competition out at Aldergrove Lake as our Skyhawk runners ran against other schools in the beautiful sunshine. Our team, coached by Mr. Grill IMG_1061and Mrs Courtney did an amazing job on the 2.2 km course and represented our school extremely well. There will be two more races before the championship contest in a few weeks. Good luck in the future Skyhawks.

IMG_10742. Grade Eights Create Stop Motion Masterpieces: The students in Mrs Lacroix’s grade eight leadership class have been working on a awesome inquiry problem. They had to come up with a school related issue as well as a solution to the problem. They are now in the process of IMG_9566putting all that thinking into stop motion videos! They are using lego, clay and other artistic mediums to create awesome videos to showcase their learning. We are looking forward to seeing the finished products!

IMG_36313. Things Get Electric In Grade Six IFA: This past week, our grade six students from the IFA program took what they have been learning about electricity on the road during a field trip to BC Hydro at Stave Lake. Students have been learning about this IMG_7359topic in class, but saw it in real-life action during an awesome day of exploring and learning. So powerful when we can connect the classroom to authentic situations in our community. Huge thanks to Ms. McArthur for organizing this awesome learning experience.

4. More Stop Motion In Dance: The students in Mrs Liebel’s Hip Hop class using the iPads and a stop motion movie apps to create an awesome dance. They were focusing on isolation … moving particular parts of the body at individual times. They choreographed the moves and then took hundreds of stop motion photos to create the animation below. It is so awesome to see technology being used to truly empower learning. Click here to check out an example.

Stop Motion Dance

IMG_25175. Sock Puppets Come Alive In Mrs Courtney’s Class: For the past few weeks, students in Mrs. Courtney’s grade seven class have been working on creating sock puppets with a variety of characteristic. It has been awesome watching them throughout IMG_2508this process as they develop these personalized puppets. They are now finished and they look great! Perhaps a puppet show is in the future?

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Hawk Squawk: April 3rd

It has been a lightening fast week coming out of Spring Break, but the staff and students at HD Stafford Middle were ready to go! Was lots of amazing learning going on in our classes as well as plenty of spirit building throughout the school and beyond. Here is the Hawk Squawk: April 3rd … please be sure to share with your family and friends.

IMG_24191. Students Dance Up A Storm: We are so lucky to have many extra-curricular clubs and teams our students can join. As we continue to implement the middle school philosophy here at HDSMS, one of the key components is exposure to a variety of IMG_2420different areas so students can discover where their passions and talents lie. Mrs Liebel continues to run Dance Club during lunch time so students can really get moving while learning routines and choreographing their own. Who knows, maybe some will even end up as part of our upcoming talent show next month!

IMG_23882. Room 212 Is Off To The Races: Students in our 212 program work very hard in both and the community. They focus on strategies that help them meet a variety of different learning needs while exploring ways to be positive contributors to the IMG_2387community as well. For example, they often work at a local farm building houses to store bees. However, they also earn incentive points to attend fun field trips and this past week some of our students went go kart racing at a local track. And as you can imagine, they had a blast! Thanks to Mrs Janzen, Mr Hendy and Mr Baillie for all their hard work on behalf of students in this program.

3. HDSMS Students Recognized For Keen Mathematical Mind: We spend time IMG_2405celebrating the talents of students while they are at our school however, we know that they have many talents that extend beyond our four walls. Recently one of our grade 6 students, John K participated in some contests put on by the Canadian National Mathematics League. Based on a series of tests, John ranked number 16 for his age group in all of Canada and was 5th in the province of British Columbia. We are proud of John’s accomplishments and wish him all the best in future contests.

Bailey4. Mrs Burke’s Daughter Curls To A Provincial Championship: While we spend most of the time in this blog sharing our student successes, it is important that we celebrate our staff (and their family) successes as well. This past week, one of our SEAs, Mrs Burke and her daughter spent time in Edmonton at the Optimist U18 International Curling Championships. Bailey Burke has been with the the Cloverdale Curling Club for five years and is a member of a group skipped by Heather Drexel of Coquitlam which won the recent Tim Horton’s B.C. Juvenile Women’s Championship in Lake Cowichan qualifying them for the National Tournament. On behalf of the entire HDSMS community, we wish Bailey and her team the best of luck! Be sure to check out results here.

IMG_24135. Mr Grill’s Class Travel The World: As part of the grade six curriculum, students do a lot work learning about other countries around the world, often comparing it to our own country of Canada. This past week, after doing research on a variety of IMG_2411countries, worked to create travel brochures to share what they had learned. They used technology to empower this learning by creating colourful, informative pamphlets to share with others. And the final products will be awesome!

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Hawk Squawk: March 13th

This is our last Hawk Squawk before Spring Break! Hard to believe how fast the time has gone. The learning and spirit at HD Stafford Middle certainly keeps things hopping. Hopefully everyone enjoys a great two weeks. And as a send off, here is the Hawk Squawk: March 13th. Be sure to share with your family and friends.

IMG_22261. IFA Students Rap Their Way To A Drug-Free Life: It is amazing how powerful learning can be when we integrate different subjects and talents together, adding a heavy dose of creativity. This past week, the students in our Integrated Fine IMG_2261Arts program have been using iPad apps such as Garageband and Google Docs to collaborate on original rap songs. They created their own beats and then recorded raps they wrote based on the information they learned. The process was amazing, leading to some powerful, deep learning.

1607079_10206062604783069_3400512868015171218_n2. Mr Sandquist Shoots His Way To Third Place: While most of our Hawk Squawk posts are to celebrate the amazing success of our students, it is also important that from time to time, we share the amazing success of our staff as well. This past week, one of our grade eight teachers, Mr. Sandquist, competed in11034234_10206106241393957_7157284690446782253_n a Regional Canadian Indoor Competition for bare bow recurve archery. After shooting sixty arrows he ended up third place in all of British Columbia and eighth in the entire country! We are lucky to have such a talent heading up the archery club here at HDSMS for students (Fridays after school). Next up is the BC Indoors Championship in May in Oliver, BC.

IMG_22673. Staff Vs Students Basketball Game: It is a tradition at HDSMS that the basketball season wraps up with a staff versus grade eight game in the gym. This year, it was an awesome school spirit afternoon as the boys and girls alternated shifts playing
against the HDSMS staff. As usual, the students played a strong IMG_2270game but came up short against the talent of the staff. Thanks to Mrs Saumier, Mya and Cassie for being excellent referees!

IMG_22244. Batteries … Me To We: Throughout the course of this year (and several before) our students have been working on a variety of Me To We projects to help out a variety of charities. This past week, they took in a collection of 4032 batteries for www.zincsaveslives.com. That means we have saved 24 192 IMG_2223people from death due to zinc deficiency (6 lives saved per battery). It is so amazing the altruistic characteristics these kinds of projects build for our students and the community. Thanks to Mrs Bhamra for her work with this great group of students.

IMG_22585. Medieval Feast Takes Over HDSMS: Over the past few weeks, students in our grade eight classes have been participating in an integrated unit on Medieval times. They have investigated a variety of inquiry questions while also engaging in a role playing game depicting what life was like IMG_2256during this time. And the students LOVED it and learned a ton. It all culminated on Friday with a huge feast in the small gym. Thanks to Mr Rowe, Mr Sandquist and Mrs Lacroix for their hard work on this great learning project.

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Hawk Squawk: March 6th

It has been another awesome week here at HD Stafford Middle! Even as Spring Break draws near, the learning is going full tilt. Please be sure to check out our Hawk Squawk: March 6th and as usual, share with your family and friends.

image11. Grade Eights Discover Trades At UFV: On Thursday, our grade eights boarded a bus for Chilliwack to check out the Discover Trades event at the University of the Fraser Valley. Students had the opportunity to check out a variety of stations, most of which had hands-on activities for our students to IMG_2154participate in. They explored piping and plumbing, automotive technology, hair dressing, carpentry and electrical just to name a few. It is so important at the middle school level that students are exposed to a variety of options prior to making those kinds of decisions in high school. This field trip was an awesome part of that experience. Check out this YouTube video of pictures from the day.

IMG_21882. Skyhawks Rugby Gets Going With Games: Over the past few years, HD Stafford Middle has developed a rugby program that is respected across the entire province. And this year’s roster is no exception. Mr Anderson and Mr Hunter have assembled an IMG_2129amazing team of grade 6, 7 and 8 to play teams locally and across districts. This past week, the Skyhawks beat Brookswood 44 – 0 in an exhibition game and also played in two separate Sevens Tournaments at Fraser Middle and RE Mountain. Regular season play starts next week with WA Fraser Middle playing here on Thursday March 12th.

IMG_21263. Ms Welsh’s Class Keep Eye On Science: This past week provided a powerful, interactive learning activity for our grade eight students. During their Science time with Ms Welsh, the students took their unit on vision and the eye to a new level by IMG_2123dissecting a real cow’s eye. Wearing lab coats and googles, the students used scalpels and tweezers to carefully and strategically dissect and observe the cow’s eye, while comparing it to their own. There is no doubt this learning activity will be a memory for years to come.

image14. Ms Kim Gets Creative With Inquiry: The grade six students in Ms Kim’s class have been learning about electricity. And while they have been accessing many theories and diagrams about this topic, they also got to bear witness to it in action. While learning about how electrical energy can be transformed into image3other kinds of energy they did an experiment that created a laser cutter. The students were clearly impressed with what electricity can do when transformed into heat energy. Check out this cool video of science in action.

5. Grade Sixes Go To Court: The students in Mrs Liebel’s drama class have been combining their own creativity, persuasive skills and popular fairy tales to create court scenes. For example, these pictures show students arguing a case IMG_6535based on the Old Lady Who Lived In A Shoe. On trial for poor living conditions, students debated whether or not it was the room in the toe or the one in the heel that was the worse. So great to see our students being so confident and expressive through what they experience in drama class.

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Hawk Squawk: February 27th


Has been another great week at HD Stafford Middle School. Our staff and students have been going full tilt with Spring Break only a couple weeks away. Lots to celebrate so please be sure to share our Hawk Squawk: February 27th with you family and friends.

IMG_20821. Pink Out At HDSMS Raises Awareness For Anti-Bullying: This past Wednesday was Pink Shirt Day across all of Canada. Staff and students at all schools sported pink to stand up against bullying, while promoting kindness and respect. We had a great assembly with two guest speakers from Big Brother Canada 2, Sarah Miller and Heather Decksheimer, who spoke about IMG_2077digital citizenship on social media. Then Mr. Hofbauer, our counsellor shared with students the impact of using expressions like “that’s so gay” and other derogatory comments. Of course the main message of the day was to remember that it was about treating others with kindness and respect EVERYDAY, not just on Pink Shirt Day. Huge thanks to our leadership students Tio and Elise for emceeing the assembly for us.

IMG_20402. Mrs Bhamra’s Class Travels The World: The grade six students in Mrs Bhamra’s class have been given the task of researching a country of their choice. During the past week, they have been leveraging the power of technology through Google IMG_2044Apps to create slide presentations, spreadsheets and graphs based on the information they are learning. It is great when we can use devices such as iPads and computers to empower learning. Another tool in the tool belt of learning.

IMG_20463. Drawing Explorations Get Cubist: The students in Mr. Sandquist’s Grade 8 Drawing Explorations class have been studying Cubist Art. Through this, they are learning to be analytical as they create their own still life drawings. As you can see from the images, they have captured thisIMG_2045 art form extremely well. Be sure to stop by our main foyer to see all the art work displayed in the showcase. 

IMG_20954. HDSMS Engaging ALL Students In Learning: There is no question that HD Stafford Middle School has a vast diversity of students. That is one of the things that makes it so amazing. We are proud to have a variety of students with special needs that we support not only socially and emotionally but also IMG_2097academically. The district program at HD Stafford is truly second to none when it comes to supporting the learning of these students. Using personalized, adapted strategies and materials each and every child receives a quality education. Thanks to Mr Bedard and the amazing SEA team that makes this possible.

IMG_20495. Student Made Anti Bullying Video Goes Viral: The students in Mrs Lacroix’s leadership class wanted to create a video that would be impactful regarding the effects of bullying while offering practical ways students (and adults) could prevent it from happening in the future. And what they created was amazing. Posted to YouTube (click here to view video) it garnered over 6000 views in just a few days, spreading across Canada and south of the border. Huge thanks to Mrs. Lacroix for her hard work on this project and of course to the students for they authentic message.  

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Hawk Squawk: February 20th

With the end of another week comes more things to celebrate at HD Stafford Middle School. We are so proud of the amazing things staff and students are doing at our school and love being able to share our stories. Here is the Hawk Squawk for February 23rd. Please feel free to share with your family and friends.

IMG_19841. School Board Trustees Vote To Keep HD Stafford A Middle School: This past week was significant for the history of our school as the School Board Trustees voted on the future of our feeder high school, LSS. In a 5 – 2 vote, they decided to keep that school open, which in turn allows HD Stafford to remain a middle school. We believe strongly in the power of a successful middleIMG_1978 years program for students. It gives them that vital time to develop through their pre-teen years in an environment best suited to meet their learning needs as well as their social-emotional development. We are excited by this decision and look forward to many more great years at HD Stafford Middle School.

IMG_20082. Dancing With The Stars: The students in grade eight have the amazing opportunity to choose different electives based on areas they are passionate about. One of the options this term is Hip Hop dance with Ms Liebel. Students already have had the IMG_2007chance to dance to numbers put together by the teacher and are currently working on their own choreography. We are looking forward to seeing the final products!

IMG_20053. Staff Collaboration Means Better Learning For Students: This past week, not only the students at HDSMS were actively learning. Our staff participated in a couple great learning opportunities as well! The Humanities teachers did some work with District Teacher Lynie Tener on literacy while all staff IMG_1999engaged in our District-wide Odyssey Pro D sessions at Langley Secondary. In fact some of our teachers even shared the amazing things they do here at Stafford with others. So great to see our staff modelling the learning we want to see in our students.

IMG_19934. Mr Main’s Class Buries The Hatchet: The grade seven students in Division 10 and 11 worked collaboratively this past week analyzing and sorting vocabulary from the novel they are IMG_1996working on called The Hatchet. Students spent time mixing and matching the words while having to work co-operatively with each other. It is great to see more hands on learning occurring in our academic classes!

IMG_69145. Mr Cavalli’s Class Plays Around: One of the key learning goals in a middle school is to be able to synthesize information and then demonstrate learning in a variety of ways. This was evident in Mr. Cavalli’s class as students made their own board games based on the novel Ghost Canoe. IMG_6927And then they got to participate in the fun of playing each other’s games in class. And research is clear that when learning is fun, it is longer lasting!

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Hawk Squawk: February 13th

Even when we have a short week, it’s full of amazing learning and awesome spirit! HD Stafford Middle was hopping with parent teacher interviews, basketball playoffs and lots of incredible learning in the classroom. Here is our Hawk Squawk: February 13th. Please be sure to share with you family and friends.

IMG_19341. Parents And Teachers Collaborate On Learning: This past week was our second term parent teacher interviews. This is such an important time for parents and staff to collaborate together for the improvement of student learning. Many parentsIMG_1933 came to talk with teachers about specific learning goals for their children prior to report cards coming out. This will allow students the opportunity to make adjustments before the next formal reporting period.

IMG_7983_1_12. Grade 8 Girls Basketball Playoffs: This past week, our grade eight girls basketball team played in the Langley playoffs. After beating Credo Christian to move on the Langley Event Centre, they lost to top ranked Walnut Grove and ended up playing Langley Christian for third place. The game was a nail biter but the girls came out on IMG_7963_1top with a 26 – 22 victory. Next week, they will be playing in the Fraser Valley tournament and we wish them all the best.

IMG_13043. Individualized Learning Empowering Students: One of the main pillars of a successful middle school is that every child have a positive relationship with at least one adult in the building. And to this end, our staff work to find a connection with each child, often tapping into a personal interest for some of our IMG_1301hardest to reach. Mr. Bailie, one of our SEAs has been working with this particular student on woodworking projects, all while developing skills that will transcend beyond the walls of our school. It is this kind of passion and commitment that makes HD Stafford Middle such an amazing school.

IMG_19394. Mrs Courtney’s Science Classes Get Down To The Matter: Science is one of those subject areas that captures the natural curiosity of humankind. So you can imagine how interested in learning our IFA students were when a guest scientist came to conduct some lab experiments related to matter. The experiments were an introduction to our chemistry IMG_1941unit and explored such concepts as states of matter, density, solutions, mixtures, acids and bases, as well as solubility! The presenter is a UBC grad student who volunteers with Science World and is part of their SIS (Scientists and Innovators in Schools) program. Both classes loved the experiments she demonstrated! Check out a short video of one of the experiments by clicking here.

IMG_19325. Mr Camara Gives Students A Global Perspective: One of the powerful growths we see in middle school students is from an egocentric mindset to one that is able to look outwards to others. This past week, Mr. Camara talked with our entire student body about how they could help out on a global scale with his “Aid for Africa” initiative. He shared this great video about his last trip to his home country and talked with kids about how they could help. So important that we encourage this kind of global empathy with our children as the world continues to get smaller and smaller.



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Hawk Squawk: Week of February 6th

What an amazing week at HD Stafford Middle School. As we reach the halfway point of the year, things are running along incredibly well. The power of a great middle school is facilitating that transition from elementary to high school both academically and social-emotionally. We are so proud of how well our entire staff do that day in and day out. Here is our Hawk Squawk: February 10th. Please share with your family and friends.

1. Grade Sevens And Eights Get A Taste Of LSS: As we continue to build continuity between the learning that occurs at HD Stafford Middle and the opportunities available at Langley Secondary School, this past week, our grade seven and eight students had the chance to spend the day at LSS seeing first hand what high school has in store. They were able to do some hands on building in the trades classes, play games in the gym, do science labs and participate in other team building activities. We are so lucky to have a great relationship with our local secondary school and look forward to creating even more transition opportunities in the future.

IMG_18242. HD Stafford Comes Alive: This past week, the group from Nights Alive were in the halls at lunch to promote an upcoming program they will be offering at HD Stafford Middle school. On Tuesdays starting February 17th, our students are invited to drop in (free of charge) on Tuesday nights from 6 – 8 to participate in IMG_1823games and other team building activities in our gym. The sessions are organized by the Momentum After School group with Langley Secondary students helping to facilitate the activities. It is a great way for our students to positively connect with the community, learning from local mentors.

IMG_18083. Le Diner Est Pret: Yes, “dinner is ready” in Mrs Courtney’s class as the students have been learning about how to translate different foods into French. And to add some creativity to this language acquisition, students created amazing menus, all writtenIMG_1807 in French, demonstrating their understanding of the outcomes. In fact, they even took it to the next level by performing skits pretending to be in their restaurants ordering a meal. It is amazing how powerful learning can be when we connect it to something in the world around us.

IMG_17994. Mr Safiq’s Class Gets Global: This past week, the students in Mr Safiq’s grade seven class used a variety of research tools to learn about countries around the world. Whether it was a library book, computer or iPad, students developed inquiry questions IMG_1797about a country of their choice and then set out to learn answers to these questions. Was great to see the students engaged in their learning, even sharing some of their new found knowledge with others in the library.

IMG_18475. Mr Brandolini’s Class Rocks Out: One of the things that makes learning powerful for students, especially at the middle school level is the opportunity to participate in hands-on experimentation and inquiry. And the grade seven students had that opportunity this past week as part IMG_1848of their Geology unit with Mr. Brandolini. Students got to conduct several tests on different rock samples, comparing and contrasting their observations and then synthesizing that in written form. The opportunities for high level scientific study at the middle level is truly awesome. 

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Hawk Squawk: Week of January 30th

What an awesomely busy week at HD Stafford Middle School. There is no question that the middle level is the most passionate, energetic building in the school system. There are so many incredible learning activities available for students in and beyond their classrooms. This week was no exception. Here is our Hawk Squawk for the week of January 30th. Please be sure to share with your family and friends.

IMG_17331. Extra Extra! Newsies A Huge Hit: After months and months of extremely hard work, the cast of approximately 50 HDSMS students took to the stage this past week performing Newsies, The Musical. And the show was AMAZING!!! We were so excited to have 5 of our 6 feeder schools be able to come and see the production as well as many of our own classes. We also had two evening shows where parents, IMG_1683grand-parents and everyone from our community could come enjoy this amazing production. The students simply got better and better with each performance! A huge thank you to Mrs Liebel for her tremendous hard work and passion in putting this together. Also thank you to Mrs Coleman, Mr. Sandquist and Mrs Courtney for helping out backstage. We are already looking forward to the next production from HD Stafford Middle School. Click here for a great slideshow video of the pictures.


IMG_16902. Ms Zawaduk’s Class Gets Wild: The grade six students in Ms Zawaduk’s class have been learning about animal adaptations in their Science unit. So as a way to make a personal connection to that, they went the computer lab to create adaptations of IMG_1689themselves for different environments. Using the “BuildYourselfWild” website, they were able to add different feet, arms, bodies, etc depending on the environment they need to survive in. So great when technology can empower learning for students!

IMG_17223. Snow Tubing At 212 Degrees: One of the great programs we have at HD Stafford Middle School is Room 212! Inspired by the short film “212 Degrees” it is based on the notion that the one extra degree can make all the difference! Students who are part of this program work towards incentive based goals and this past IMG_1718week, reaped the benefits of their hard work with a trip up the mountain to go snow tubing. And even with a short amount of snowfall, they had a blast. Huge thanks to Ms Janzen for organizing this great day as well as Mr Bailie and Mr Hendy for their amazing work in the 212 program.

IMG_17324. Learning Gets Static With Ms McArthur: One of the best parts of Science in a Middle School is the focus towards hands-on learning! And with our amazing facilities at HDSMS, student have many opportunities to access great equipment and even a full IMG_1730science lab. The students in Ms McArthur grade six class used some everyday items to learn about static electricity as part of their current unit. It really makes learning connected and powerful when there is the opportunity to have a hands-on experience.

IMG_17425. The Ying and Yang Of Woodwork: The students in Mrs Rimaldi’s grade 8 woodwork class have been learning some awesome skills in the shop. The chance to have a real hands-on experience working on a project translates to so many different IMG_1744aspect of a young person’s life. These students decided to a make “ying-yang” boxes, a project usually done by older grades. They made difficult cuts, extensive sanding and then stained these awesome and functional works of art. So great when learning yields something so tangible.





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